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The General Heads to ESPN
February 29, 2008, 6:34 am
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Sweet Jesus this is great.  ESPN has signed on the chair throwin’, player punchin’, dog cussin’ legend to be an analyst for the NCAA tournament.  His first day on the job in Bristol is March 12th.

No doubt he’ll dropkick Digger Phelps in the teeth when it comes to analysis, but I can’t wait for the inevitable on air meltdown.

And we thought the Berman videos were bad…just wait kiddos.

Bama vs. Arkansas

The Tide pulled off a win in a sloppy, offensively sluggish game tonight.  Demetrius Jemison had a huge night offensively with 19 points.  The most impressive thing was our defense.  Namely the perimeter D.  We held the Hogs to just 3 of 21 from behind the arc and to a FG % of 36.  Senario Hillman pulled of some SICK dunks yet again.

What does this mean?

Not much.  Gottfried did seem to care a little (note the jumping and crowd pumping late in the game), but I hold that he’s a fairweather coach.  He only seems to get into it when is players perform well.  Good coaches’ players react to them, not vice versa.  Will Mal give him another year?  I think so.  3 million bucks is what a buyout of CMG’s contract would take, and I just don’t know if the basketball program is worth that much to the powers that be.

As for the team, they head to Oxford on Saturday, then at red hot Butch Pierre led LSU on Wednesday.  Those are toss ups.  Win out and show up in the SEC tourney, we may be looking NIT.

The last home game is March 8 against Vandy for Senior Night.  That will almost undoubtedly be a loss.

Spiezio Executes Hit and Run..
February 28, 2008, 12:27 am
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…but this time Tony LaRussa didn’t signal it in.

Here’s the AP Story:

IRVINE, Calif. (AP) — The St. Louis Cardinals have released utilityman Scott Spiezio, a move that came after police issued a six-count warrant for his arrest following a December car crash.

Spiezio did not play in Wednesday’s exhibition game against St. Louis University at Jupiter, Fla.

The warrant filed Tuesday alleges driving under influence, driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or more, hit and run, aggravated assault, assault and battery. The maximum penalty is two years in state prison.

The Cardinals rightly released Spiez. This guy is a walking disaster, and needs some time away from baseball to straighten out his affinity for Grandpa’s Old Cough Medicine. I must say, I’m going to miss the red dyed soul patch come October.

Off to see the Tide take on the Woo Pigs…

Memorial’s a Bitch: The Bruce Pearl Story

Memorial Coliseum is cruel, just ask Bruce Pearl. Vandy jumped on quickly, and was in control for the vast majority of the game. The announcers on ESPN constantly make a huge deal of the layout of Memorial Coliseum in Nashville with it’s benches on the ends of the court rather than the sides. They exaggerate this to the point of insanity for most games, but there isn’t a more involved coach in basketball that Bruce Pearl. Putting him a full court away from his team hurt in a big way.

Tennessee is still one hell of a ball club, and the three Tennessee teams (Vandy, UT, and Memphis) will without a doubt be players deep into the tourney.

Classy Vandy…classy.

Around the homefront, the Woo Pigs come calling tomorrow night at 7 in the latest installment of CMG Trainwreck 2008. We took them into OT on a miracle Riley 3 when we played them in Fayetteville earlier in the season. Unless CMG draws up an inbounds play, hell any play, and comes up with some perimeter D, look for more of the same out of the Tide.  See you @ Coleman, Mark.  I’ll be the oversized leprechaun in section T booing you.

In the beginning…
February 27, 2008, 6:18 am
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Basically, I love sports. A lot. I also like food, although I’m on a massive diet. I occasionally dabble in politics, but won’t focus on that ad nauseum. My other interests include women, golf, and beer.  I’ve also acquired a taste for NASCAR (insert redneck joke here).

I graduate in May from the University of Alabama, and have been slowly but surely indoctrinated into a Bammer. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I believe in the supremacy of the SEC, loathe the Designated Hitter, as well as the UCLA High Post (read: Mark Gottfried aka CMG).