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Monday Miscellany
March 31, 2008, 5:46 pm
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Happy Opening Day…with HAIKU
March 31, 2008, 5:23 am
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Bo Sox in Japan.

Walk off shot by Zimmerman.

Real ball starts today. 


The realist in me says my beloved Cardinals have the worst rotation in baseball.

The never say die kid in me says Rick Ankiel will hit 40 HR and Carp and Mulder will be throwing complete games by May…

Go Cards!

No Gridiron Bash For You!
March 30, 2008, 2:15 pm
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That’s right, according to the Tuscaloosa News, the Gridiron Bash concert featuring Alan Jackson scheduled for the night before the A-Day game has been cancelled.  According to the T-News, the issue was not over ticket sales, or an issue with Jackson, but rather with an issue over player involvement and the NCAA.

Imagine that, the NCAA sticking it to the University of Alabama?  NEVER!

Oh well, I wasn’t going, and truth be told; I really can’t stand his music anyway.  There will be far better musical offerings in numerous bars around town that weekend.

Bama Notes
  • As has been extensively covered, former Tide football star Victor Ellis passed away Tuesday night.  He had been fighting a rare form of cancer.
  •  In much more inconsequential news, Richard Hendrix declared for the draft today, but will not be hiring an agent.  Don’t do it Richard…just ask Kennedy Winston.  Words cannot describe what a dumb move it will be for Hendrix if he indeed does go pro.  His talents are nowhere near honed enough to play in the league right now, and the potential for next year (yes, even with CMG) is undeniable if he remains.
  • Jamychal Green, the next stud recruit to underachieve under CMG’s regime had an outstanding game in the McDonalds All American game tonight.  He had 12 pts, and one amazing block that I saw.  Looking forward to seeing him in Coleman.

The Case Against Automatic Bids
March 27, 2008, 6:11 am
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The Georgia Bulldogs finished tied for dead last in the SEC this season.  They won a mere 4 conference games.

After squeaking by Ole Miss in OT in the first round of the SEC tourney, all roads appeared to lead to an early end to the Dawgs 2008 season.  But one tornado, and three unattended games later, they’re in the NCAA tourney thanks to the biggest load of bullshit this side of the BCS in college sports, the conference tourney automatic bid rule.

Sure the automatic bid has given us the likes of George Mason, et Al, but more often than not it kicks legitimate contenders to the curb (read: NIT).  Conference tourneys are big money draws that AD’s and University Presidents have a collective hard on for, and they do provide a few days of exciting basketball, but should a 4 win UGA team keep 8-8 Florida at home thanks to a fluke tourney?  I think not.  Consistency should be rewarded more than streakiness.

As long as the field remains at 64, the automatic bid will continue to stick it to the bubble teams of the world.  Yes, there is a price to be paid for living on the bubble, but shouldn’t the bubble be better than being busted all year?  Expand the field, let everyone in. Hell, just imagine it.  The tourney is already wildly popular, and doubling the content of the first round would only seek to extend that popularity. Give each conference a guaranteed bid to please the mid majors. Just prove to me that the regular season matters.

Anything is better than a world where a 4 conference win team in a weak conference can make the big show and keep legit dancers at home.

March 27, 2008, 5:24 am
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First Felix Pie twists his TESTICLE, that’s right he twisted one of the Two Colonels….how one does that is beyond me.

Now, Kaz Matsui has an anal fissure, aka ripped asshole.

It’s going to be a weird 2008 season kids…hold on for the ride.

Busted Bracket Blues…
March 25, 2008, 9:17 pm
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So soon after the tornado hit the Georgia Dome rendering the tournament pointless, I left for a week of debauchery on the coast…thus the delay.

My bracket was busted from day one.  Kentucky, Oregon, and Vandy screwed me hard.  Then Georgetown (one of my Final 4 picks) absolutely killed me. That being said, I have Stanford as my great white hope making the Final Four.

Here’s my take on the Sweet 16:

Xavier-W. Virginia, Thursday @ 6:10pm–  You have to like the way Bob Huggins’s boys are playing right now, and their 2 wins over Arizona and Duke look far better than Xavier’s close games with UGA and Purdue.  Looks like the West By God Virginians move on to the round of 8.

Wazzou-UNC– Thursday @ 6:27pm- This could be the game of the day Thursday.  Wazzou has handled Winthrop and Notre Dame while UNC has had pushover Mt. St. Mary’s and made red headed stepchildren of Arkansas.  I’m going with UNC, but this one will bear watching.

UCLA-WKU- Thursday @ 8:40pm- The run ends here for the Hilltoppers.

Tennessee-Louisville Thursday @ 8:57pm-  Tennessee has not played up to their potential and with the news that Chris Lofton is walking around in a boot with an injury, there could be room for an upset.  The Vols will have to step up their play to advance.  My heart’s with Tennessee, but my pick goes to the Cards.

Wisconsin-Davidson Friday @ 6:10pm- Stephan Curry’s play for Davidson has been phenomenal, but it won’t be enough to top the Badgers.  Davidson will definitely be the Cinderella of the ball should they top the Badgers, but I just don’t see it.  Wisconsin big.

Stanford-Texas Friday @ 6:27pm-Oh the possibilities if Kevin Durant had just hung around Austin for another year.  My bracket really needs this one…like the Lopez brothers need haircuts.  This should be the marquee matchup on Friday.

Kansas-Villanova Friday @ 8:40pm- Villanova has the most potential to be a party crasher.  They are better than a 12 seed.  That being said, Kansas is too tough.

Memphis-Michigan State Friday @ 8:57pm- Memphis cannot advance without hitting free throws.  If Michigan State can keep it close, they win.  I’m goin’ with Izzo.