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Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Tuscaloosa: #8. Liquor Pitchers
April 28, 2008, 1:08 am
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This is part of a series of posts in which your humble, soon to graduate blogger will wax poetic on the things that make Tuscaloosa and The University great.

The best remaining bar on the Strip is by far Cheap Shots. It’s small, sometimes cramped, but it’s great. It usually features one if not two hot female bartenders, a troubadour in the corner, and a friendly clientèle. However, it is famous for one thing: Liquor pitchers.

That’s right, not a pitcher of beer. A pitcher of liquor. There are those nights in collegiate life when one simply wants to get shithoused. This is your place. Whether you want to keep it old fashioned with a bourbon and coke pitcher, please the ladies with a Long Island Iced Tea pitcher, or go all out for the Grateful Dead pitcher, this signature libation is simply tremendous.

Cheap Shots is often my Thursday night destination, but just as frequently it’s where I head on that blessed weekday in the quarter-life when random drunkenness is the goal.

When you knew you wanted to get hosed, but didn’t have a particular destination or agenda Cheap Shots was the place, and the liquor pitcher was the drink of choice. It shall be missed…


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