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With the 49th Pick…

…the Golden State Warriors select former Bama big man Richard Hendrix. That’s mid-way through Round 2. No real shock there. Let’s hope his career goes a little bit better than another memorable UA alum who played at Golden State. The warriors used their first pick to pick another SEC player, LSU Freshman Anthony Randolph. Randolph was one of 12 freshmen selected on day one of the draft.

On a side note, I really, really want the Memphis Grizzlies to be good. Memphis is the nearest NBA team to my home, but it is a hopelessly run franchise. However, they made a very good selection tonight in that of Kevin Love out of UCLA. Still, one good draft pick doesn’t absolve the Grizz for trading Pau Gasol for next to nothing.


And as soon as I spoke of the Grizzlies, they traded Kevin Love and some extras to Minnesota for OJ Mayo and some extras.  Memphis loses Mike Miller in the deal, and I’m not sure that Love for Mayo is any more than a lateral move.  Screw it, if I’m going to pull for a southern team, it might as well be New Orleans.

NBC Makes the Correct Move, for Now

It’s still bizarre to wake up on Sunday morning without Tim Russert on Meet the Press. Today’s show was moderated by Brian Williams, who did a good job. I wouldn’t be upset if he were the ultimate pick to succeed Russert. However, my fears of late that Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann would be selected as his successor have been relieved…for now. At the end of the program, Williams announced that he’d be back occasionally, but that Tom Brokaw would be the moderator through the 2008 Presidential Election cycle.

This is a tremendously smart move on the part of NBC. To pick either Olbermann, or especially Matthews, who if you had doubts on his status as a total ass see here, would have been a travesty.

They’ll never replace Tim Russert and I don’t expect them to, but the suits at NBC couldn’t have made a better choice for an interim moderator. Brokaw has been soothing America’s fears with that deep, South Dakotan brogue for decades. In a time of great tumult not only at NBC, but in the world as a whole, that reassuring trademark Brokaw brogue might be just what the Doctor ordered.

The DB Formerly Known as Pac-Man, & Trouble’s Rising in StL

Happy Friday folks….here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • What the Hell is Pac-Man Jones thinking? Apparently to change his bad boy image, the embattled DB now prefers to go by his given name, Adam.  How bland.  Does he really think that fans, the media, hell anyone but the Cowboys, will refer to him as anything other than Pac-Man?  Perhaps he’ll change his name to a symbol like another memorable celeb who went through several name changes.

  • There’s a truly unfortunate situation unfolding in the nation’s heartland.  Actually, two.  As the heartland is flooding, my beloved Cardinals are blowing a chance to catch up on the Cubbies who find themself Zambranoless.  Somehow, my Birds allowed the freaking KC Royals to sweep them in St. Louis.  God, we need Albert back…quick.
  • Finally, Duke football doesn’t suck as a matter of fact any longer.  It’s legal precedent, according to SbB. Stare Decisis, bitches.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money
June 19, 2008, 9:20 pm
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A friend who will also be heading to law school in the Fall said to me yesterday, “Hey, we can make lawyer jokes now!”  My immediate thought was, “I guess I’m obligated to talk about the law on my blog now.”

That being said, my favorite legal blog Above the Law posted the top ten law songs of all time today.  Check it out.  My favorite, by far, is this Warren Zevon classic:

As far as expecting hard hitting legal commentary, I wouldn’t look for that here.

Steele Stays, Hendrix Goes
June 16, 2008, 11:06 pm
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In UA Basketball news, oft injured PG Ron Steele has withdrawn his name from consideration for the NBA Draft. On the other hand,  big man Richard Hendrix will be leaving Tuscaloosa for the greener pastures of the NBA.

I really hate seeing Richard go pro.  I don’t know how much he would’ve had to gain by staying in Tuscaloosa for another season, but selfishly, I wanted him to stick around.  Good things would have happened.  I’ve enjoyed watching Hendrix grow as a player since we both started at UA, and wish him all the best in the upcoming draft.

Ron Steele is a magnificent point guard when healthy, and quite frankly, he’s been a huge reason that CMG’s teams have sucked lately.  I would have been more than shocked to see him go pro, and am excited for, what will hopefully be, his healthy return.

Sundays with Tim
June 14, 2008, 7:16 pm
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The tributes are flowing from all across the political spectrum after the tragic passing of Tim Russert.  Russert was a giant in journalism, and he was just that: the consummate  journalist.   I can’t  begin to fathom the number of times I woke up at 9am on Sundays, from about age 10 on, to watch Meet the Press. For a burgeoning lover of politics, there could have been no better guide.  I had no idea whether I was left, right, or somewhere in between…I just knew I loved the process.  Tim Russert without a doubt was a lover of our political process.  You could see the schoolboy glee on his face as he played Electoral Vote Math in 2000 on his now famous dry-erase board.  Whether he was brokering the debate over Whitewater, Monica, Bush v. Gore, or the War on Terror, Tim Russert never played favorites.  He was always on the cutting edge, but would never succumb to the ideological hackery that most of today’s journalists suffer from.

Many who worked with Russert at NBC have lauded him as a father-like figure.  He wrote a book about fatherhood and his relationship with his own father entitled Big Russ and Me.  To those he directly influenced, he was definitely a father figure.  For me he was the father of my political upbringing.  The son of an Alabama educator and an expatriate Illinoisan (read: liberals), the fact that I was able to listen to fairly moderated debate and decide for myself to go in a 180 degree different direction is remarkable.  In large part that is due to the countless Sunday mornings that I “spent with Tim.”

In an age of journalism where Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and the like masquerade as journalists while yelling at the top of their lungs disallowing any real discourse, the Tim Russerts of the world are few and far between.  He was “fair and balanced” if such a thing truly exists.

We’ll miss you Tim…RIP

Friday Fastballs

Some quick hits for you. Heading north to spend a week with the father, which means I’ll have plenty of time to churn out the content. Until then…