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Worst Part vs. Best Part

I was watching the ABC Primetime special on the late Professor Randy Pausch, whom I wrote about previously, and in an interview he said that he always asked his children what the best and worst parts of their day was.  I thought it was a particularly interesting thing to do at the end of each day.  The more you read about this guy, and watch footage of his lecture, you realize the firm grip the man had on life, or at least the perspective he gained toward the end of his days.  So here goes my Worst/Best…

  • Worst: Law school books are really expensive.  Try 800 bucks for the first semester, and that’s not counting the two Civ Pro books I have to pick up next week.  We’re talking 1K dollars worth of books folks…  I was going to head over to Tupelo while I’m home and pick up a new backpack, but now I’m thinking a bookshelf with straps would be more apropos.
  • Best: I realized today that the last time Chris Carpenter pitched for the Cards was on opening day in 2007 when my Dad and I went up to St. Louis to see the game and the World Series trophy be paraded in on the Clydesdales.  Carp will be on the mound tomorrow for around 90 pitches vs. Jair Jurrjens when the boys and I are @ Turner Field.

Monday Fastballs

RIP: Randy Pausch

For those of you that haven’t read The Last Lecture, or at least heard of Randy Pausch, he is the Carnegie Mellon Professor who delivered a traditional “Last Lecture,” except it was just that…his last lecture.  He passed away today from complications due to Pancreatic Cancer today at age 47. My stepmother bought me a copy of his book for graduation, and I didn’t put the book down until I was finished.  Pausch was one of those guys who just understood what life was all about.  If you have an extra hour and fifteen minutes, watch his last lecture.  If you don’t have time, make time.

Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”

ESPN Vendetta Against Joe Pa?
July 27, 2008, 4:27 pm
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On this morning’s SportsCenter, a piece aired on the “rash” of criminal charges against Penn State football players from 2002-2008.  More specifically, they focused on an incident where a few Penn State players were involved in an altercation at an apartment building.  ESPN’s Paula Lavigne wrote up the text version of the story for

The seemed increase in player arrests is not exclusive to State College, as anyone not living under a rock in the State of Alabama could tell you.  In the current climate of blogs, internet fan sites like Rivals and Scout, and the 24/7 news cycle, not even a minor misstep goes unnoticed by media and fans who yearn for information like oxygen.  However, this ESPN piece is, as Paterno termed it, a “witch hunt.”

Perhaps, as the ESPN piece suggests, Penn State began to recruit players with known character flaws in response to diminished on-field results.  The thing that really irks me about the whole thing, however, is the way in which the piece attacks the venerable old bespectacled octogenarian.  They question whether, or not the man is in control of his program and show a clip where he seems to be begging for the attention of an assistant, and a comical one where he states he’s “never sent a text message in my life.”

Were the Worldwide Leader going after any other coach with a lesser record, I wouldn’t be troubled, but ESPN has a stranglehold on college football media.  If they want to send out the message that Joe Pa is a senile, out of touch old man with a gang of hoodlums running wild in the streets of State College, PA, then they’re perfectly capable of doing that.  The WWL has been known to have an agenda, let’s hope for the good of college football that it isn’t to see Paterno leave in disgrace.

In my book, he’s earned the right to an honorable discharge.

How LeBron Won Me Over

I’ve never particularly cared for LeBron James.  I thought he was going to be a massive bust when he was driving an H2 in high school and playing games on ESPN.  When he hit the league, got his endorsement deals, and began to use the moniker  “King  James,” that struck me as a bit pompous.

Nonetheless, the Cavs Forward has lived up to every ounce of the hype, and then some, but LeBron won me over this week when he guaranteed victory in the  Beijing games, a la Broadway Joe.  In a sports culture where athletes and team owners are more concerned with protecting their bottom line than the good of the game, hearing LeBron’s guarantee was refreshing.  Our political climate has everyone in an uproar about what is so wrong with America, and perhaps they’re right to an extent.  However, LeBron James’ promise for an American gold should remind us all of what’s so right about our country.  We’re by God America, and we are supposed to kick ass whether it’s with bombs from planes, or bombs from behind the three point arc.

Once again, in an time of American self-loathing, we can look to sports to remind us why we do, in fact, live in the greatest country on Earth.

NoShaun? Seriously?…
July 15, 2008, 6:27 pm
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It looks like a member of Bama’s astute fanbase has started what could quite possibly be the dumbest thing to hit the intertets since the LOLCatz… (I can has website? ORly?) The site entitled is a knock on Georgia’s start back Knowshon Moreno, obviously suggesting that he is no Shaun Alexander.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the fanbase that one of Bama’s greatest faults is living in the past (see: Bryant, Paul “Bear”. Also: 1992 Barker, Jay). I’m sure Knowshon is shaking in his boots at the thought of not living up to a washed up NFL running back’s standard. A running back who hasn’t graced a college football gridiron in almost 10 years.

I love you Bammers, but damn you can be stupid sometimes.

King a Queen?

So in further proof that I have successfully stopped obsessing over politics so much, I’ve totally missed this story.  Apparently the rumor mill on Goat Hill is churning ahead at full speed.  According to various sources on the internets, Alabama Attorney General Troy King is in the middle of a James McGreevey style homosexual scandal.  One source says that his wife found him in the throes with a dude and kicked him out of his home.

This story is even getting national exposure as the popular Wonkette blog has a story up.

My people on the ground say something is definitely afoot, but stopped short of acknowledging King’s status as a Queen.

What makes this ironic are the anti-gay pieces he wrote while at UA Law in the Crimson White.  I would offer you up a link, but the pieces are either down from the site, or the site has too much traffic as of this posting.  You should check out the video posted at the Locust Fork Journal with a song entitled “Latex in Montgomery,” set to the tune of John Prine’s classic “Angel from Montgomery.”  *Warning* There are penises on this video, so watch it in it’s hilarity somewhere other than work or school, lest your colleagues think you’ve been shacking up with the State’s chief law enforcement officer!

On a personal note, I never really cared particularly for Troy’s style.  However, I hope and pray for the sake of his wife, three children, and my beloved GOP, that this is untrue.

Is John Tyson working on his new tagline for the 2010 campaign?  Perhaps “I’m John Tyson I fight crime like pussy.”???