Armchair Talking Head

Pre-Tulane Randomness

Tuscaloosa is absolutely jam packed with Bammers here to see the home-opener against the Green Wave of Tulane.  (By the way, don’t boo them.  Mal said so.)

Last week’s beatdown of Clemson was a shock, and like I said would happen, that victory totally shifted the direction of this season.  Tulane should go down pretty easily.  I don’t expect a huge aerial attack, and thus a 50+ point drubbing.  I’m seeing more of a 35-0, run it down their throats type of game.  The left side of the O-Line will be interesting to watch, as Andre Smith is sitting this one out after last weeks injury.  I’ll also have my eye on Mt. Cody to see how he dominates a much less equiped Tulane O-Line.

On a complete tangent, last night’s RNC speech from John McCain…  Wow, terrible is the only word I can come up with.  Unenthusiastic, old, and rambling are some thoughts I had throughout that snooze-fest. HOWEVER, Sarah Palin (HOTTIE!) had a tremendous showing Wednesday night.  She’s beautiful, folksy, and a great conservative.  She is John McCain’s Clemson blowout, so to speak.  She’s totally changed the course of the remainder of this election.  I look forward to seeing Palin in the Oval Office in 2012.

I’ll be on hand for the game Saturday.  Pictures may, or may not happen.  I’ll try to post some thoughts on the John Mark Stallings video tribute that will occur at halftime.  He was undoubtedly the most unwavering Bama fan ever, and the tribute should be a very special moment in BDS.

Until next time….RTR.