Armchair Talking Head

Week 1 Thoughts

Well, well. We might actually have a decent football team on our hands here in Title Town.  The first half was eerily reminscent of that “Oh shit what’s happening!?!” feeling (see: Sugar Bowl, 2009), but the Tide pulled it through in the second half.  McElroy really seemed to come into is own, Mark Ingram was an absolute hoss, and the defense is as advertised.  It will be good to have a light next few weeks, but Nick Saban isn’t taking it lightly. Just ask him.

I posed the question of what will be the bigger story, Auburn with a potential loss to La. Tech or Alabama’s match with Va. Tech.  I don’t think there’s any question that the majority of the buzz surrounding college football is coming out of Tuscaloosa this week.  To be fair, I didn’t see a snap of the Auburn game, but it appears they somewhat handled La. Tech.  So I guess that means we have to start calling him 6-19 Gene. That’s such an improvement, right Barn?

I don’t know much about Alabama’s Week 2 opponent Florida International, except thanks to Coach Saban’s presser, #4 is pretty good.

Here’s to a 4 day week, the first weekend of tailgating on the Quad, and returning to Bryant Denny.

Hercules, Hercules!

Remember that precocious little fat kid at the Klump’s dinner table in the Nutty Professor?  Well apparently that is JUCO transfer, Bama nose guard Terrence Cody who now weighs in at 365lbs.  Here’s to “Hercules” having his way with Cullen Harper and C.J. Spiller tomorrow night.

Friday Roundup

Here’s your crazy ass story of the week.

The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned on Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago.


In other WTF related news, the Tide pulled another miraculous loss Wednesday completing the 0Fer run in SEC road play this season. That’s one road win in 2 seasons kids. In days prior the thought of bringing the Pride of Fayette Mike Davis back to the Capstone was laughable in my honest opinion, but after hearing him on the Roundtable yesterday I’m having serious second thoughts. Take a listen…

UAB’s Mike Davis on the Roundtable on WJOX 100.5FM

By the way, Davis has a little game of his own this Saturday…not to mention a post season to look forward to.

Vandy comes calling to Coleman Saturday @ 1pm for the final game of the regular season. All signs point to a massacre.

And in the OMG when is MLB opening day going to get here front…I’m not so excited anymore.